• Delta Offshore Energy

FDI - Opportunity & Growth Amidst The Challenges

Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment hosted a conference to celebrate 30 years of Foreign Direct Investment into the country. As part of this DOE was invited to attend to acknowledge the 3000MW LNG to power project that we are developing in Bac Lieu Province in the Mekong Delta.

The numbers are impressive. Having averaged USD6.3bn per annum since 1991 in 2018 disbursed FDI reached an all-time high of USD19.1bn. This is a stark illustration of both the opportunity and the challenges that are faced as the country continues its rapid pace of development.

Supplying 3000MW of clean energy to the Mekong Delta will enable DOE to be at the epicentre of a wide range of new FDI initiatives throughout the region. Modern aquaculture and agriculture farming, New industrial parks, cold storage and processing, export facilities, small scale LNG distribution, renewable power load balancing and much more all become a reality when the foundation of available power is in place.

We see tremendous opportunities ahead.

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