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ATS vs Connect UTS

DOE has proposed the use of a US-patented automated transfer system (“ATS”) as a means of overcoming the more adverse elements of the metocean conditions in the Mekong Delta.

This is not without precedent. Connect LNG has been successfully testing its own UTS jettyless transfer system with Naturgy and Equinor in the harsh conditions of Norway. (see article here :

However, DOE believes that the ATS solution from 7Seas (Norway) has a number of crucial advantages compared to this UTS. These include :

- Full integration – all systems and equipment required to transfer LNG are incorporated into the ATS

- Mobility – the ATS is self-propelled, removing the need for the tugs used in the UTS configuration

- Transfer rates – the ATS provides considerable higher LNG flow rates of 5,000-10,000 m3/h, on a scale required by the DOE 3000MW LNG to power project

This will be assessed by independent engineering consultants during our upcoming concept selection study.

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